New Year, New Blog

I’ve moved my blog back to WordPress, again, partly because I was bored and partly because I was getting frustrated with Tumblr. Things are pretty sparse here, and they just might stay that way. If you’re looking to read any of my posts from the past five years, they’re all here.

I like to write, really I do, but sometimes it’s hard for me to stand the sound of my own voice, as it were. It’s just like playing music. Sometimes it feels great, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do but sound like shit. Novelty plays a big part; I think having been absent for a little while will make it easier to write, until I need to quit again.

My life has seasons, and sometimes there are extended winters when I can’t really stand the stuff I make. Right now it feels like spring.

January 25, 2011


  1. Suzy wrote on Mar 10th, 2011:

    You’re doing it right.

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