A Teachable Moment

I was up until about four thirty this morning working on homework for my physics class. It was a healthy problem set assigned over a week ago. When I finished I slept for three hours. Now, my exhaustion is seasoned with that particular flavor of dissatisfaction with oneself that stains the mouth. Physics does not cram. My dad would call this a teachable moment.

Adding injury to insult, I managed to slam my remaining good kneecap against a corner of my metal bed frame as I tried to fling myself from under the covers to my classroom.

I arrived right as Prof. Buchholtz was beginning his lecture. The topic was, of course, how we (I) desperately needed to treat our (my) academic responsibilities as if they were our (my) profession. This is not the first time I’ve heard this, but it struck me just about square in the chest this morning. I wanted to ask for techniques to improve discipline, but I know there are no easy answers to that, or at least, none that aren’t embarrassingly obvious.

Tonight, when I get home from my other job, I am going to stick a knife into Google Reader. I am going to obliterate any trace of Minecraft in my system. I will pin a piece of paper to the wall above my desk and it will tell me at any available opportunity that


February 4, 2011

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