Posted March 13, 2010, 10:31 pm.

Proud of Them.

This morning the Wheeled Migration left Chico with panniers full and colors flying, bound for Stockton and Yosemite. I was there to watch them gather in the plaza, stretch on the cement, circle the fountain, and ride out the first few miles. I took some photos.

Photo Link.

I remember sitting on Ryan’s floor, back when he lived in a second floor apartment just off of 10th and Ivy. His bike was up on a stand in the kitchen and we were trouble shooting his rear derailleur. It was some evening on the floor of that apartment that he told me he didn’t just want to go on bike tours, he wanted to build them. Build isn’t the right word, it’s not big enough.

The tour that left today was the third of its kind under for Wheeled Migration. The excitement this morning of the two dozen riders was contagious. Bikes just look awesome when they’re packed to the gills. Every time someone who knew me asked why I wasn’t riding my answer of, “Because I’ve got work” felt smaller and smaller, and the tour seemed bigger and greater.

Photo Link.

Before he left the plaza at the head of the group, I told Ryan that I was proud. It felt strange to say at first, but it’s very true. He’s doing something very challenging, creative, inspiring and evidently fulfilling. I have great admiration for him. And it is certainly not only the efforts of Ryan that make me so glad; for certain the Wheeled Migration wouldn’t be happening without the dedication of many other dear friends.

I hope they have a safe trip.

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