Posted October 24, 2010, 9:24 pm


Haven’t written in a bit, so here’s a State of the Union type recap of major/minor events in the recent memory, along with a brief outline of where I’m headed in the upcoming units of whenever.

Work is work; and nothing’s really any different. I’m still doing double time at the bike shop and working for Paul, two days a week each. School is my other-other part time job, and I am well in the habit of reminding myself that it needs to remain Job #1. I’ve just finished my midterms for the two classes I’m taking.

For Graphics 2 I had to reverse engineer a thing. My thing was a Campy bottom bracket from the late seventies. I took as many measurements as I could from which to construct a model using CAD software, and then made educated guesses about the features I couldn’t model. It was a pretty challenging task, considering some of the gritty little details of the parts. Then, based upon the CAD model I laid out a series of working drawings, from which someone could manufacture the bottom bracket. That was the most difficult part of the assignment, reducing the measured shape of an object to the most sensible presentation of what I imagine the original designer’s intent was. If you’re curious, these are the drawings I eventually produced (somewhere around five or six in the morning on the day they were due).

Calculus 1 is my other class, and it’s not as bad as I thought it might be, but still not easy. I guess that’s what it’s like when you’re learning new things, be they rules for differentiation or what it’s like to actually be challenged by school work and then (and this is the new part for me) keep doing that work. Most nights of the week I live in the library.

The rest of the time I live in a house with Molly and Janae. The house was once painted a sickly green, at least on a few sides, so it is The Green House. I moved in maybe a month ago? It’s a good house, they’re good house mates, and I am feeling settled.

My room is small, but there are other rooms, and I am out of the house for most of the day anyway. This is what it looks like in my room.

And then, because it can’t be simple, Quinn asked me to move in with him. To be fair, I had been asking to move into his house for a while, over a year I guess. Most recently I had planned to move in to his house (The Normal House [Being on Normal Ave. but filled with abnormals]) at the end of the summer after returning from Boston, but the room wasn’t vacant. So I moved in with Janae and Molly in the meantime, “just temporarily”. The Green House is a good fit and Janae and Molly both want me to stay.

In the long run I think it’ll be better if I’m at The Normal House for a handful of reasons. Beh, feeling torn in two directions. 

I’m not racing ‘cross this season, and in fact haven’t been doing much riding at all. Schooling/working 9-5 with bonus hours of homework into the night doesn’t give me time during the week, and my one-day Sunday weekend slips by so fast. Those are my excuses.

I’d like it if I started riding in the morning regularly again, before class. If I could take an hour or less and just rode a little loop through the park or out to the river it would probably do me a lot of good. It’s getting cold, but I’ve got fancy bike dork warming clothes.

In other news, I am really hungry but have no food to eat. I’m going to go find something to chew on.

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