Posted June 5, 2007, 3:42 am

Yawn, Click, Fuck.

I’ve been working at a bike shop again, serving as a wrench, gopher, and general service slave. This particular shop specifically caters to downhill, mountain, and cross country bikes, so I’ve been learning about lots of new bike tech. I’ve been working 60 hour weeks also. Suffice to say, bikes are on my mind.

About an hour ago I woke suddenly from a dream, covered in sweat. In my sleep-induced hallucinations I was struggling to install hydraulic brake lines on a new bike. I dream my job.

So I get out of bed and go down to the hall to get some water, cool my head. At the same time, I accidentally locked myself out of my bedroom, at 3am. Awesome. Go team Sleepy Jono. I’ve never taken apart, unlocked, and reassembled a doorknob before, but tonight I learned how to. Maybe in the few remaining hours between now and when I need to re-wake for work I’ll dream of deadbolts, keyed cylinders, and strike plates.

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