Posted April 25, 2007, 12:12 am

Machine of words.

I worry that I’m developing an aversion to writing, I worry I’ll fail to communicate the enormity/complexity/passion/relevance/interesting-ness of a subject, I worry I can’t actually write and all you kind people have just been humoring me.

Nvrthlss, here are three things I think about quite often, which should be committed to paper blog.

An unambiguous definition of sustainability that details the inclusion of global warming, climate change, exponential growth of human population and physical capital, and the depopulation of non-human fauna.


An account of the development of my personal ethic, one that will incorporate the fundamental tenets of sustainability.


‘Le Danse Electrique’, a tale of two skeletons living in the American midwest in the 1930’s, as the federal government begins to bring power to the countryside through the Rural Electric Administration. Including cameos from Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Zombie James Watt.

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