Posted December 20, 2006, 12:20 pm

Lots of Circles

Standing in my mom’s kitchen, making a grilled cheese sandwich or two for lunch, I’m listening to “Pure Heat” by The Mountain goats. As I bite into the sourdough bread, made golden with fried soy-based “buttery spread”, I consider the nutritional value of the food I’m eating. Proteins, carbohydrates, sodium? I wikipedia “source of protein” and the first hit I get is “Protein Source of the Future…Now!”, which was the title of the Mountain Goats album I was listening to at the time.

Out my mom’s kitchen window I can see the pool, with a buoyed hose making on large “C” across the surface. Ripples coming off of concave side of the hose are all moving together, towards one point, and then outwards from that point in a convex formation. As if a pebble had been dropped in to the water at the center of the semi-circle formed by the hose, and half of the ripples formed were acting in reverse, waves of rarefaction and compression coalescing into the point of entry, and the other half moving out again, spreading in their even circular way across the water.

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