Posted May 4, 2009, 10:23 pm

Up to Inskip

Yesterday Brad & I rode up into the hills.

Inskip - 78m

Thanks to my own late waking, we didn’t get rolling until a little after ten in the morning. Brad was on his Extracycle equipped slick-tired MTB, and I rode my Doublecross. The sky was grey, but it didn’t look heavy enough to drop anything on us.

Honey Run was our first climb, and it looked like the hill had received a but more point since the last time I rode it. I guess the Wildflower brought a lot of attention to the area.

Oh Hai

Once we made it to Paradise we started running into some heavy fog that turned into actual rain as we made our way along the bike path that runs parallel to Skyway. It wasn’t heavy enough to soak us through, but made me glad I was wearing wool.

The only other time I’ve ridden up to Inskip was two years ago, again with Brad, and Ryan and Nathan too. I was on a single-speed geared around 44x18 with only one brake. I remember endless climbing. This time the climbing was much easier, due in part to both an abundance of gears and what feels like being in some kind of shape.

Instead of coming back down on Honey Run we stuck to Skyway. Normally the preferred route is Neal Road, but we were ready to get home. The view from Skyway’s lone lookout spot gave on interesting perspective on the finger-like shapes of the foothills.

There’s talk of riding further past Inskip, all the way up to Butte Meadows. Likely this would be split into an overnight camping trip, riding through Inskip one day taking a route through Forest Ranch on the other. I am stoked for school to let out and such plans to become viable.

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