Posted April 26, 2009, 9:50 pm

Still a Thing

Hello blag, sorry I haven’t written.

Yes, I know I told you I’d try to write more, but I’ve been busy lately. There’s work and school, and being a little more social.

No, you’re right. It’s not so hard to write to you. I know not every post needs to be well written, outlined, revisioned and revised.

You’re right, and I should. So how’ve you been? The same, huh? Today was pretty busy for me.

I got up around six or so and didn’t immediately go back to sleep (as has become the unfortunate routine), and putzed around the apartment making a long breakfast. I had a bowl of granola with strawberries, then a fried egg on toast, and some pancakes a little while later.

At quarter-past seven Renée and I rode out towards the fairgrounds for the beginning of the Wildflower Century ride put on by Chico Velo. Every years Pullins Cyclery runs the lunch stop, providing drinks, fruits, bars, sandwiches, muffins, candies, and more.

It was a pretty easy volunteer gig, involving lots of standing around, a little bit of work, and way much free food. My fridge is happy.

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