Posted May 11, 2010, 1:43 am

Of Compression & Rarefaction

I’m leaving town in, let’s see, ten days? Very soon, and there is so much to do in that time!

Most importantly I need to focus on my final exams and the last assignments due this semester. This week is dead week, so it’s not really much of a week for sleep. Each day feels like it will never end but the number of days left in the week shrinks very rapidly if you are not looking.

Time gets peculiar when you’re looking at such densely populated to-do lists and calendars. I’ve been working on maths and drinking tea and eating cookies for about the past four hours so I am feeling a little strange myself. This may not be very well written. Let’s see. Nope.

I hope I can get in a nice ride with the boys this weekend. Maybe we could bring along some food? We haven’t been riding together much lately, and It would be really nice to get in some time before I’m gone.

I’m tempted to try to throw some kind of going away party for myself, but I’m not very good at that sort of thing. Dinners are easy, especially dinners out. A potluck could be a nice way of going about it, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time or energy to make anything edible. I haven’t been eating all that well. Too many fucking cookies.

If I do anything like that it’ll have to be after my finals end next Wednesday. That Thursday and Friday are my last days working for Paul, and then I’ll be leaving on Saturday with my mom.

Before then I still need to finish fabricating some fixtures for Brad’s frame jig. And I need to pack and ship my bike and bike tools to Boston. And I need to pack up my room so Ben & Kyle can sublet it (and I should verify this, oh shit). And I guess I need to find a new house mate(s) for the fall since Mica & Trenton are leaving Chico. And and and.

And then it will be done (or past the point of doing) and I will be with my mom in the Bay and I will sleep for days. For a week, in fact. I hope I get to see my cousin, I hope I get to take some walks and photos with my mom, I hope I eat well.

And then, you know, I’m flying across the country to be with Xue. And and and. This Summer I will burst into flames.

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