Posted May 23, 2010, 12:54 am

Tied In My Loose Ends

Things are wrapping up pretty well here in Chico. I had my last final exam on Wednesday, shipped my bike out to Boston, had my last day of work on Friday, bought a tiny guitar, and had a really enjoyable potluck dinner tonight.

About a dozen people came over. We ate curry and Spanish rice, pumpkin pie and ice cream cake. There was hugging.

My two housemates are moving out before I return to Chico in the fall, so this was also a kind of going away party for them too. Mica was accepted into UC Berkeley and Trenton’s moving to Sacramento for work. Either we’ll find someone rad to move in with me in the fall, or I’ll be looking for a new place to live when I get back. I rather dread having to deal with it.

Tomorrow I aim to finish clearing out my room (for Ben & Kyle, who are subletting over the summer) and to finish the last of my packing. My mom’s going to be driving up from the Bay and we’ll either drive back down there tomorrow night or Monday morning.

The end of this week felt so distant at one point, it feels strange that it’s finally here. Okay, here goes.

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