Posted July 6, 2010, 10:04 pm

Sleep Now?

There’s a heat wave on. Xue’s sleeping on the living room couch by the air conditioner; I’m in bed and alone with my thoughts save for the window fan. I’m not sure if it’s the heat that’s keeping me awake.

I’ve been thinking on just about everything. Work and school, Boston and Chico, friends and family, the past, the future, and the Internet. So I’ve decided to do the one thing I so often find myself unable to do, that’s write.

Today was the kind of day that gets little done and leaves an unsatisfied taste in my mouth.

Even though we both got to bed early, and even though I slept better than her, I didn’t get up in the morning with Xue. Instead I slept an extra hour and a half and barely remember seeing her leave for work. Eventually I emailed my boss to tell him that I’d be working from home (on accounta the heat) before going back to sleep.

For breakfast I fired up my computer and started staring at work around ten thirty. I was on and off the clock until the middle of the afternoon. I only got three or four hours of real work done, which actually only brought more problems with the current project to my attention.

I spent more than four hours playing video games today. For me it can be a mindless exercise that does little more than kill time. Sure it’s a little entertaining, and a very little bit challenging, but it always leaves me feeling wasted. I should uninstall some games, the free gigs would likely serve me better.

After Xue got home from work I continued to laze about in front of my computer (or on the little pocket computer), breaking once to make grilled cheese for dinner, until she got tired and set up for sleep on the couch next to me.

And then I went to bed. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep now?

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