Recorded Today

It's been a while since I've played much music, and even longer since I've played my own. But the other day I bought some fresh bronze strings and picked up my guitar again.

I guess the motivation started to return after spending some time working on and my songbook.

I feel that for the past few years I've been stuck in a way. I'd write songs, maybe record a rough draft, and then drift away from them. What this resulted in was a pile of songs that, to me, never really sounded all that polished or even well fitted to each other.

So yesterday I made a list of songs I'd like to see finished, tied up, recorded, and safely tucked away somewhere. This list was then whittled down to the ten songs that I can stand to play. Down in the living room I played through them all, recording as I went. I think what I produced is a fairly accurate snapshot of where those songs are at.

What I'd like to do, since my opinion of these songs is at this point kind of stuck in the mud, is to get some outside criticism on the songwriting. If you're interested in helping out, feel free to download the recordings and let me know what you think.

September 18, 2011

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