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It was really great having Xue in town. There was working, relaxing, riding bikes when it was sunny, cooking food, baking a pancake cake, taking the same photos over again, scary video games, the littlest bit of playing music, rolling around with Lola, going to market, hiking upper park, going to a pastry / margarita potluck, haircuts for e'erybody, hidden love notes, breakfasts in bed, no homework, not enough photos, too much bacon grease, extra blankets, and kissing.

But on Monday night Xue had to go home. I borrowed Suzy's car and drove us to the Sacramento airport. I've never been that great at driving stick, so I did a sweet burnout immediately followed by a sweet stallout as we inched along the In-N-Out's drive through lane. Animal style everything.

There wasn't any crying at the airport this time. Maybe it's getting easier, maybe we're turning into professionals, maybe I know I'll be seeing her soon and staying for the summer. Maybe it hasn't hit me yet.

Driving home up 99 was like space travel. There was nothing out there but the little lights on the horizon and the super-moon hanging low.

March 23, 2011

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