Tux’d my Cr-48

As happy as I was to be in the Cr-48 pilot program, I got tired of bumping up against the limits of the Chrome OS. So I decided to follow these instructions and installed Ubuntu on my Cr-48. Now it’s a real computer!


  • Can turn it over, flip the dev-mode switch, and return to Chrome OS at any time (but haven’t yet)
  • Full access to local filesystem, expandable with SD card, and Dropbox integration!
  • .deb packages far outweigh web apps in quality and quantity
  • The joy of futzing around in a new operating system
  • Can tether to my phone’s unlimited 3G connection over bluetooth


  • I guess I am no longer actively participating in Google’s pilot program…
  • Unable to access 100mb of monthly 3G from Verizon (see tethering)
  • The joy of fixing what I break when I futz around with a new operating system

With the Cr-48 made so much more capable, I feel better leaving my five year old MacBook Pro at home to act as a media server and general heavy-lifter.

I can certainly understand the niche for Chrome OS, I just don’t live there.

February 3, 2011

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