Welcome Back To School

This is familiar phrase to me. It always carries something along the lines of “you’ve been away and forgotten how to do real work, but now it’s go time”. It is go time again!

Work’s been cut back from four to three, to two days a week. I dropped my gender studies class to make more time for my major. I’m now enrolled in not one or two, but three study sessions outside of class.

My calculus professor warned us of un upcoming midterm exam. Why so early in the semester, not even a month after classes have begun? It’s because he wants to weed out the weak. “Many of you will not do well on this exam, and that way you can drop before it affects your GPA.” I can’t vouch for the rest of my peers, but I am personally not just taking calculus II out of curiosity. It’s a critical step in the curriculum of mathematics and science at the heart of the engineering major, and it’s deeply nestled in an unsolvable tangle of pre- and co-requisites. I cannot withdraw, I cannot fail, I can has a game face.

Eventually though, this idea –actually committing to my academics– will not seem so novel to me as to warrant such redundant blogging, at least, that’s the idea.

February 9, 2011

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