Xue’s Coming To Town

Tonight I made two quiches and my first lemon meringue. Tomorrow morning I have a quiz in calculus on work, spring tension, and the anti-derivatives of logarithms and exponentials. After school tomorrow I have work. After work tomorrow I have more work to do. On Saturday I'll go to the market in the morning, and then work on a bike in the afternoon. Specifically, Lisa and I are fixing up an old Royce Union for use as a loaner bike when Xue comes to town.

Xue is coming to town a week after that.

Next Saturday I am going to spend all day doing two things: bouncing up and down in anticipation and cleaning house. Saturday night I am going to borrow Trenton's silver-blue Volvo station wagon and drive to the Sacramento airport, where I will circle until Xue calls to tell me she has deplaned. Then there will be so much kissing and hugging.

She'll be staying for a week and some days. Our Spring breaks happened to line up perfectly, so my regularly scheduled bouts of education won't be getting in the way. It also looks like both my house mates will be gone, so we will have the place to ourselves. I look forward to a lot of eating, lazing, some bicycling, a bit of kissing maybe, and the feeling that we've been living together all this time.

March 4, 2011

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