Since the end of May I've been living in New Haven with Xue. I'll be out here until mid-August when I fly back to ol' chico for the Fall Semester.

While I'm out here I've got a sweet bike to ride, a good job turning wrenches at a respected bike shop, plenty of books to read, and a new city to explore. This is of course in addition to having Xue to come home to.

I'm only growing fonder of my Shogun now that there's no snow on the ground and I get to ride every day. In my dreams I rebuild the wheels with some polished Paul hubs and replace the brakes with silver anodized Touring Cantis, but for now I'm satisfied to upgrade the tires and install fenders.

The shop I'm wrenching at is The Devil's Gear Bike Shop. Not to discredit any of the fine shops I've worked in before, but the team at Devil's Gear is inspiring.

Thanks to my dad, I've been tearing through old sci-fi paperbacks about time travel. There's nothing quite like the smell of yellowed pulp pages.


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