Here's an update:

It's Thursday night of finals week and tomorrow at noon is my last exam. Last Monday saw a six hour marathon of tests for Linear Circuits, Physics and Strengths of Materials. Tomorrow's Differential Equations exam intimidates me, but at least it won't take too long.

Then I've got a few hours of work left for Paul, followed by a few hours of work for Chico Chai on Saturday morning.

Saturday night I'll be flying out to JFK where I'll meet up with Xue on Sunday morning. We'll take the Metro North train up to New Haven, but on Wednesday we'll be headed right back down to New York to catch a flight to Japan. A few hours after landing we'll fly out of Tokyo and enter China.

We'll be there for two weeks. This is the most exciting traveling I've ever done and I have very little idea of what to expect. I am going to try to keep as open a mind as I can. I will try as many of the foods as I can and will have a camera in hand as often as I can.

Then, upon returning stateside, I'll be working at The Devil's Gear in Connecticut until late August. I'm shipping my mountain bike out to spend some time on those East coast trails. Several other employees are just getting into trail riding and I'm looking forward to "shredding the gnar" alongside some other rookies.

I emailed Rock Lobster today to get the ball rolling on a custom steel frame, and I hope I didn't come on too strong. Maybe it will be done by the time I come back to California, or maybe a few months after. All I know is that I'm going to have get in shape if I want to do it justice next 'cross season.

Also, if one of the endless trains or planes I'm on explodes and Xue & I die a terrible but instantaneous death, I leave this blog to my brother, Lisa can have my Flickr photostream, and all my bikes go to Quinn. Dylan can have my guitars.


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